Zarif: President’s directive on ISA ‘under implementation’

MNA – FM Javad Zarif has said foreign policy machinery has accelerated implementation of President Rouhani’s directive on proper Iranian response to ISA.

Mr. Zarif who was addressing Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on Tuesday, told reporters that the directive would provide a basis for the Ministry to act in response to possible violations including US Congress ISA extension; “the letter by President Rouhani specifies actions necessary in AEOI, where Mr. Salehi will address that part of the directive; however, in parts related to Foreign Ministry action, we have sent two letters to Mrs. Mogherini as the responsible figure of JCPOA commission; the first of the letters brought together, on the sidelines of the New York UNGA earlier in October, ministers of all countries parties to the JCPOA,” he told the press.

“A provision in JCPOA allows a mechanism of plenary session whenever a party to the deal acts in contradiction to the deal; in this case as well, such mechanism will go live which is in line with President Rouhani’s directive; on response to sanctions, we believe it violates the spirit of the deal, and we will save our rights to react according to the provisions, including retaliatory measures,” Zarif briefly said.