Italian, Swedish companies to resume activity in Iranian market

Shana – Senior directors of Italian and Swedish companies involved in manufacture of oil and gas pipelines consider Iranian market positive for resumption of activity.

Alessandro D’angelo, Middle East & North Africa Regional Sales Manager of Italian Tenaris Company told Shana on the sidelines of the seminar of the manufacturers of oil and gas industry pipelines in Tehran, “We were active in Iranian market prior to sanctions and used to have firm trade relations. After lifting of sanctions, we are determined to revive our oil industry market.”

D’angelo said, “Regarding lifting of sanctions, we can market our products and technology in tune with market demand and even invest in Iran. Many European companies are willing to enter Iranian market.”

Deputy Head of Dana Energy Company Mahmoud Ketabchi said at the time of sanctions, European companies could not even talk with Iran for cooperation but now a very good opportunity is available for the countries to compete in the field. “We can buy our required goods at times better prices than the time of sanctions. During sanctions, we had to buy our items 20 to 30 percent costlier and indirectly from European companies.”

The official said Tenaris and Sandvik companies want to provide a suitable ground for their goods in Iran and concurrently, provide the ground for transfer of technology for manufacture of pipelines.

Ketabchi went on announcing, “At the time of sanctions, we could prepare carbon steel pipelines from China but they were not capable of producing the CIR and high quality pipelines. “Iranian oil industry consumes thousands of tons of different size pipelines. Purchase of the equipment, will attract world’s big companies like French Total, British-Dutch Shell, OMV of Austrial and the like for investment in Iranian market.”

The project director of Azar oil field, Majid Shojaiefar said prior to sanctions, Iran used to purchase its needed products at suitable price and in high quality from Tenaris Company, whose representative in Iran is the SGC Company.

The official believed that using pipelines and basic materials at high quality in terms of technology will made drilling services highly economical. “Additionally, entry of many countries to Iran will result in falling prices of products and services by companies in the face of competition. Most importantly, the middle man market will be removed.”

Head of the Engineering Department at the Drilling Department of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) Mashallah Soroush said what’s of importance is that after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the problem with banking transfer and trade will be removed so that foreign companies will enter Iranian market in full confidence.

He noted that one of the 10 items whose production is to be indigenized is oil pipelines. “So transfer of technology for manufacture of the good seems essential. In this connection, Tenaris Company has entered in Iranian market to some extent. For transfer of technology, the two sides should reach mutual confidence and prepare a safe haven.”

Senior directors of Italian Tenaris and Swedish Sandvik, whose companies produce pipelines applied in the upstream and downstream oil industry, held a seminar in Tehran’s Azadi Hotel on Tuesday to resume activity in Iranian market after lifting of sanctions.