9m trading in Iran’s securities markets

Financial Tribune- Over 33,000 trading codes were issued by the Central Securities Depository of Iran during the Iranian month ending November 20, bringing the total number of trading codes in the Iranian securities market to more than 9 million. The traders include 4.63 million men, 2.15 million women and 38,000 institutional investors, the CSDI reported on its website. Furthermore, 20 foreign trading codes were issued over the period to bring the number of foreign traders to 746. Currently, investors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Uzbekistan, China, the Netherlands, India, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, Japan, Cyprus, the UAE, Norway, Greece, Maldives, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Luxemburg, Kuwait, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Armenia and Afghanistan are trading in Iran’s equity market.