Zarif: Iranian relations with Iraq to be model for regional cooperation

IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that Iranian relations with Iraq is a good model for regional cooperation.

He made the remarks in meeting with Chairman of Iraqi Shia National Coalition Ammar Hakim.

Hakim presented a report on current situation in Iraq and appreciated Iran’s support for Iraqi government and nation.

Zarif appreciated political and military success of Iraqi government, people and political parties.

He said that the move to form national coalition must lead to national reconciliation to make horizon of Iraqi political structure bright to serve interest of the Iraqi nation.

He added that there is possibility for cooperation among all groups inside Iraq and it is necessary that some regional countries do not transfer their own problems to Iraq.

Zarif said that Iraqi security is important for the Iranian national security and that Iran will do its utmost to establish stability and security in Iraq and all Iraqi groups and ethnics and tribes should take steps in that direction as well.