Rouhani: Chabahar port soon to turn into intercontinental linkage

FNA- President Hassan Rouhani says Chabahar port on the Sea of Oman will turn into an inter-continental linkage.

Addressing a group of Ulima and clerics in southeastern Sistan-Balouchestan Province, President Rouhani said government will fulfill its promises of activation of Chabahar Port, completion of railway project and gas supply to certain regions sooner than schedule and more speedily.

He said Chabahar Port development is one of the highly important projects of the Government of Hope and Prudence.

He added that what had been done for development of ports, were mostly aimed at attraction of foreign investment and partnership.

“One of the important issues in talks in many visits and meetings with foreigners is contribution into Chabahar port development, linkage of Chabahar port to Zahedan and from there to South Khorassan and Sarakhs track, which will eventually connect Oman Sea to Central Asia, China, Russia, East and central and even western Europe.”