Ambassador: Iran-Boeing contract outcome of months of complicated technical talks

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeedinejad said Iran’s contract with Boeing on purchase of 80 aircraft came at the end of months of complicated technical negotiations.

Writing on his Instagram page on Sunday night, he commented on the news by all world news agencies from Tehran who elaborated on finalizing a decade-long contract worth 16.5 billion dollars between Iran and the Boeing.

He said the Boeing in an official statement referred to the contract as the only one to have been signed by the two in four decades.

The ambassador said the signing of the contract took place amid the recent political developments in the US including the latest anti-Iran bill by the US Congress as well as election of Donald Trump as the next US president which cast serious doubts on possibility of such a contract.

He said in the past days things have even grew worse between Boeing who is manufacturing a new airplane for the American president and the President-elect Trump who has voiced sharp objection to heavy cost of the aircraft just all of a sudden.

Baeedinejad said negotiations for the contract went on for months between the two sides, stressing that the latest of talks which led to finalization of the contract took a whole week round the clock.

He further reminded that talks of this nature are usually very lengthy, complicated and technical.

Iran Air and the American Corporation of Boeing signed an agreement on selling 80 aircraft to Iran.

According to the Managing Director of the Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran Farhad Parvaresh who was speaking on the sidelines of the signing ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday, the airplanes will be delivered to Iran during a ten-year period.