Iran, Italy sign MoU on intellectual property

Financial Tribune- Iran and Italy signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation over protection of intellectual property rights.

The MoU was signed by the head of Italian Patent and Trademark Office and directorate general for combating counterfeiting, Loredana Gulino, and the head of Intellectual Property Center of Iran’s Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties, Mohammad Hassan Kiani, on Friday, IRNA reported.

The MoU pertains to the registration of and support for intellectual property in the field of industries.

Ahmad Touiserkani, Iran’s Judiciary deputy, who was also present in the meeting, said intellectual property is closely linked to international trade and the MoU can help expand economic, trade and industrial ties between Iran and Italy.

According to Gulino, both Iran and Italy value their industrial and economic development and the agreement can help boost their economic growth.