Pasargad tourist village, a wooden arbor

IRNA — Sandy beaches, oysters, coral and fish life make Pasargad Tourist Village in Assaluyeh on Persian Gulf coastline one of the most popular tourism areas.
Every weekend, the beauties draw in lots of Iranian families to have fun, featuring live musc performances, water games, cage bird touring, and cool breathe on sea shores.

”Iranians are fearing the sea and its attractions; we should encourage them cherish presence in the environment and its beautiful nature,’ said Mohammadi an official with the tourism project in Pasargad Tourist village.

Mohammadi told a group of almost 15 IRNA reporters on their tour of Assaluyeh zone in Bushehr Province that to make the sea tourism much attractive to the visitors, efforts had been made to leave the sea environment intact.

‘The Municipality used to remove sands around beaches for other applications in urban areas but on some notices, the sands are kept around the beaches to keep the ecosystem attractive for sea tourists and have them enjoy their fun time. The sands preserve waters and produce a kind of gentle breathing, thus making the weather around cooler.’

The official declined to provide precise amount of cash spent on the sea tourism projects in the area.

*** Used, worn out timbers recycled for wooden sea beach room construction
Officials in charge of the sea tourism project in Assaluyeh told IRNA reporters that unused timbers had been used for construction of wooden rooms on sea side, thus saving considerable amount of cash.

The officials were even smart enough to use unused and stock MDG cylindrical pipes to build special family suits for the families, who come to the tourist resort village for fun in the weekends.

They say the site maybe the only part with new tourism applications.

The beneficiaries of the facilities are immediately the petrochemical company families and preferably on national festivals and weekends and then all Iranian families will be allowed to use them.

Add to the attractions, the underwater glories of coral and fish life, which make Iranian territorial waters in Persian Gulf one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

The officials in charge of construction of wooden suits say it is in line with the sea tourism expansion policy in Assaluyeh.

‘There is no special custodian for sea tourism in Iran and in light of measures adopted, the Ports and Shipping Organization and the Tourism Organization are expected to reach agreement and assign a body and have related legislation compiled so as to promote the industry. Formerly, measures similar to what now are done in Assaluyeh, had been taken in Bushehr Port. All the measures encouraged following suit in Assaluyeh. The Assaluyeh project started in the year 1394 (2015-16), featuring providing necessary infrastructures in the coastal area and put the workshop for construction of related equipment into operation. A planning panel, comprising architectures, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and tourism specialists, started focusing on the project and take necessary measures to provide facilities in the coastal areas, build wooden structures like arbours and wooden suits in the coastlines like the floating suits, enjoying all facilities of a suit. The basic materials of the structures are mainly waste and unused materials of regional industrial units,’ said the project manager, Mr. Lotfi.