23 expert units to participate in ‘Prophet Mohammad-4’ military drill

IRNA – Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari said that some 23 expert units of Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces (NEZAJA) are to take part in ‘Prophet Mohammad-4’ military drill.

The commander made the remarks while visiting the operational forces attending the event.

Heidari said that ‘Prophet Mohammad-4’ military drill will start work on Sunday, December 11, near the towns of Nik Shahr and Konarak in this south eastern province.

The event will be held in an area covering 220,000 km, he said, adding that the drill aims to promote the capabilities of Iran’s Army Ground Forces.

Since this drill is regarded as a big military practice, it focuses on the purpose of increasing coordination of armored corps, artillery, Special Forces and rangers, he noted.

‘Prophet Mohammad-4’ military drill will be held on December 11-13.