Araghchi urges ICRC to ‘more active engagement’ in Syria, Yemen

MNA– Deputy FM and senior nuclear negotiator has said ICRC should bolster its contributions in terms of humanitarian aid in Yemen and Syria to address the ongoing human disaster.

Abbas Araghchi and Mr. Peter Maurer, head of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Wednesday discussed fruitful relations between Iran and ICRC since the imposed war of 1980. Araghchi voiced Iran’s willingness to contribute to ICRC’s humanitarian projects in the region. “In Syria and Yemen, there is an ongoing human disaster. We believe the ICRC had been waging laudable effort to effectively address the suffering of civilians in both countries; however, the scope of disaster entails yet more active engagement,” Araghchi told the meeting.

“Holding a conference on Islam and International Humanitarian Law where ICRC and IRCS also participated, was a positive step toward presenting Islam’s view of the place of the man in the hierarchy of creation,” he added.

Mr. Maurer for his part highlighted many common principles of Islamic human rights and international humanitarian law, and believed that all should help reintroduce this reality to the world public; “ICRC will enter a dialogue with all countries of some weight in the region and Iran is not an exception, with which it welcomes improvement of ties; Iran’s contribution to ICRC activities will advanced the organization’s missions in the region,” he concluded.