Judiciary spox.: Judiciary ‘prepared to try leaders of seditionists’

MNA– Judiciary spokesperson has warned that some specific circles wage efforts to ‘erode the spirit of perseverance’ through extenuating abandoning Revolutionary ideals.Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei who was a speaker in the Faculty of Persian Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran on the occasion of anniversary of November 7 1953, marked as National Student Day since the Revolution.

Ejei’s most important remark was that the Judiciary was prepared to possibly ‘try the leaders of seditionists,’ the leaders of so-called ‘green movement’ of  the aftermath of 2009 presidential election riots, who had been under house arrest by a Judiciary mandate since March 2011. “The Judiciary is prepared for their trial in a court, believing that actions they involved in 2009 entails crimes against national security and thus deserve trial and possible conviction,” Ejei told the students in the ceremony.

Asked why the Judiciary had almost failed in addressing top dogs and only had succeeded in bringing to the justice minor defendants, Ejei responded that the Judiciary had set aside all considerations of wealth and power or affiliation to certain political figures in its campaign against corruption; “a deputy-president’s case has received a primary verdict; in Zanjani’s corruption case, four ministers had been summoned to provide explanations as possible witness; even the aid to former president Ahmadinejad was tried and convicted to sentences,” Ejei said.

On still a hotly debated issue of alleged illegal bank accounts of the Judiciary, Ejei said no such account was opened in the name of the real persons in the Judiciary; “since the incumbency of Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, such accounts housed Judiciary money, with interests also accumulated and withdrawn only by the consent of the Leader in specific cases, and all expenses are well-documented; only an account was opened in the name of Ministry of Justice,” he detailed. “On oil corruption case, famous Crescent scandal, we have been working on the case, however, the expert opinion should be received, but the work is awkward and quite lethargic, since the experts are not affiliated with the Judiciary and work independently; the whole process is time-intensive,” he added.

Ejei then pointed to some lump sums during the Salary Bill Scandal; “a company which was in a net loss would not lavishly award the board of directors, while in all cases, they had been contriving fake documents in order to secure lump sums as benefits; for example, a director who had been member of board in more than 20 organizations, received $ 2mn for participating only 16 high-profile sessions; no such payments are legally allowed, nor are they justified by any conventional and common sense,” he detailed.

Ejei also added that Hossein Fereidoun, special aid to President Rouhani had been in regular contacts with the Judiciary as witness; on scandal where a woman spy allegedly had made affairs with some ministers, Ejei rejected to comment, only saying that no lawsuit had been filed about the event in the Judiciary, and implicitly cast doubt on the authenticity of the story.