Zarif stresses role of universities, cultural centers in fighting terrorism

IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed the role of universities and cultural centers in confronting spread of terrorism and extremism as opposed to resorting to solely military solutions.

He made the remarks here on Tuesday when addressing a gathering of students and professors of Peking University as well as a number of diplomats living in the city.

Zarif is in Beijing at the invitation of his Chinese official Wang Yi for mutual discussions.

Expressing happiness over the good and close cooperation among Iran, China and Afghanistan in the areas of cultural and university activities to fight terrorism, he said the West occupied such countries as Iraq and Afghanistan to spread the wrong assumption in the world that it is the only global superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Saying that the time of hegemony is over, he said that now in the 21st century, non-governmental actors are playing a major role in the world.

Rejected the false notion that insecurity in a certain country or region will lead to better security conditions in other countries or regions, he said that settlement of world issues would no longer be possible at the expense of imposing adverse situations on others.

Zarif arrived in Beijing early Monday morning at the head of a ranking political and economic delegation after a two-day visit to India.

He will attend Iran’s investment opportunities forum and then depart Beijing for Tokyo on Tuesday.