The Nadir of Hypocrisy: “Election Fraud” and the “Reality TV Show” of presidential politics

American Herald Tribune|Prof. Tony Hall: Hillary Clinton is joining Jill Stein’s “Green” campaign addressing the Great Election Fraud of 2016. Clinton’s tentative move into the election fraud arena is replete with many ironies. These twists of character, plot and circumstance have made US presidential politics the quintessential expression of US Reality TV. It is well known that the carefully scripted behind-the-scenes manipulations of so-called “Reality TV” make it anything but authentic, genuine and true. 

The elevation of Reality TV’s most adept thespian, Donald Trump, to the holder of world’s most spotlighted Office takes US presidential politics well beyond the patterns established by the Hollywood presidency starring Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s route to the Oval Office ran most consequentially through his hosting of the TV hit, General Electric Theatre. Among the most consequential dramas brought to us by the sponsors of GE Theatre are the spectacles of mass murder at Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the environmental holocaust presently spewing from Fukushima.

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How should we understand the drama currently unfolding in the TV episodes following Election Fraud Night, 2016? In trying to answer this question, genuine truth seekers must take into account the continuum linking the deep state with civil society and the storefront operations of government officialdom. The gangster class that presently rule us mostly conduct their dirty business in closed chambers situated well behind the check-out counter of formal citizen-government transactions.

In this storefront area government functionaries dutifully playact their roles, pretending that there still remains some capacity in the system for participatory democracy. This lie averts a reckoning with the fact that the merchants of political influence have so monopolized the buying and selling of government power that average citizens have no real say any more concerning what governments do in our name. This disempowerment of average citizens is especially draconian when it comes to the big issues of life and death, war and peace.

The Sad Hoax of US Democracy

Stein’s sudden emergence as Investigator-In-Chief of the notoriously flawed and corrupt electoral process in the United States puts an important spotlight on the sad hoax known as US democracy. Will the ongoing cycle of electoral razzle dazzle continue to be exploited? Will the diversionary hoopla of election time continue to be deployed as a veil to obscure the scams presently constituting the core businesses of Wall Street, the Pentagon, the judiciary, the educational establishment and the military-propaganda complex? How is it that the rigging of computerized networks of mob-owned voting machines is supposed to represent the exception rather than the rule of how power is exercised in Gangster State America? Isn’t computerized election fraud just one facet of a broad constellation of standard operating procedures animating all aspects of the empire of illusion’s systematically rigged mode of operation?

Election Fraud 2016 is unfolding in an altered mental environment. Donald Trump can never take back his brief interlude of truth telling concerning the murder, blackmail, industrial-scale kleptocracy, and utterly unconstrained ruthlessness permeating America’s ruling cabal. The genie is out of the bottle. The cat is out of the bag. During Trump’s campaign the primary beneficiary of the latest round of presidential election fraud presented exceptionally clear and compelling analysis of the putrid rot at the top. As a child, agent and compelling personification himself of the very criminal network that he so effectively uncovered and illuminated, Trump is in an excellent position to know whereof he spoke.

A protégé of Sheldon Adelson and gambling entrepreneur himself, Trump was more than credible in making the case to average men and women that America has become the equivalent of a giant rigged casino game. Trump’s description of his country as a pyramid scheme for organized crime has altered forever the most fundamental tenets of American self-understanding.

Both Bernie Saunders and Donald Trump have deployed language that shatters the myth of America as the City on the Hill, the Land of Limitless Opportunity, the New Jerusalem. This injection of the substantial truths into the usual fantasy of electioneering as Reality TV will outlive the broken promises of Hope, Change and Making America Great Again. What is to happen now that the Donald Trump is re-joining his mobster cronies as he takes control of the White House through his backers’ comparative advantage in election theft?

The spectacle of Hillary Clinton joining the entourage of Election Fraud Investigator-In-Chief, Jill Stein, raises all sorts of question about the state of the Democratic Party. Hillary’s own career as a leading enabler of organized crime in America, but especially along the Axis of Evil linking the Pentagon to Wall Street, is extremely fraught. How can she become an agent of honest elections in America when it is very clear that she well deserves the fate of being “locked up. “Lock Her Up” proclaimed Trump’s supporters introducing the novel concept that the law should be made to apply even to those in the upper echelons of organized crime.

There is no small irony that the Democratic Party establishment that is fantasizing about the recount in three states has yet to acknowledge the broken rules and voting discrepancies of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign throughout the Democratic primaries.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton has emerged from the Democratic Party primaries so dirty she can’t risk a genuine recount. Stein is a perfect front to obfuscate the discussion and to prevent a genuine airing of the real core of the entrenched system of election fraud. Its center of gravity is the highly hackable hardware and software of computerized voting machines.

Historically the hardware and software of election fraud has been monopolized by Republican Party mobsters. Rothschild agent George Soros, however, has sought to level the playing field by purchasing big chunks of the privatized machinery of election fraud. Everything is for sale in America, even the power to deny citzens’ their capacities of self-determination. Thanks to Soros, the obliteration of democracy in the land of the unfree has been rendered an equal opportunity weapon for bipartisan sabotage.

It’s telling how quickly and easily Bernie Sanders removed himself from the forward progress of the Clinton machinery of election fraud. Now Stein has been assigned the responsibility of covering up the mess under the guise of an investigative process.

Political Science Departments as Theatre Schools

“We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,” a senior Obama official told Politico recently. With fingers crossed his back, one of Obama’s disinfo agents explained “The federal government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on election day…We believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

In the mean time, Michael Moore, the notoriously dogmatic 9/11 denier and neo-leftie propagandist wrote: “We can’t wait until January 20th to fight back. That has to start NOW. Start with this mantra: “He Shall Not Enter the Oval Office!” I know. A crazy thought. But crazy times demand crazy thoughts! Stop listening to the “rational adults” who keep saying “the electoral college is the law!”

Welcome to the era of political caricature, when even the appearance of democracy is no longer a requirement for the self-appointed redeemer of ‘Democratic values’.  Welcome to the era of ‘post-truth’, when political science belongs in the theater department at Universities – or maybe a separate puppet and marionette department.