Judiciary in action on Salary Bill Scandal: prosecutor-general

MNA– Tehran’s powerful prosecutor-general said Judiciary has entered in a course of immediate action to address Salary Bill Scandal.

Mr. Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi told a meeting of his aides and deputies on Monday that the Leader’s demand necessitated swift addressing of the SBC, since “the public as well were looking at the authorities to respond properly to the scandal; the Judiciary thus enters in a course of action to address the issue as priority for fighting corruption and in attempt to shed some light on the darker sides of the issue,” he said.

“The Prosecutor-General’s office had had a general call for all engaged organizations and bodies to present the office with evidence of the corruption relevant to the case; only the IRGC intelligence provided 12 cases,” he added.

Dowlatabadi denounced claims that the laws on place had permitted such salaries and that no crime had happened; “no government official would healthily serve in more than one position, unless he or she only serves the position in absentee status, but enjoys the sinecure’s salary and other benefits quite undeservedly; the law has not allowed multiple positions for civil servants, except for academics,” he emphasized.

Prosecutor-General said that the office strictly believed that inordinate amounts in a bill entails the happening of a crime, that of embezzlement of public money through illicit payments; “the prosecutor-general’s office has entered in a course of action to hear cases as priorities and some have been indicted officially; the least punishment is to return back all the lump sums expropriated through huge sums in salary bills, and if a verdict states that there is an illicit expropriation, prosecution will also be likely for the indicted parties,” he emphasize.

Dowlatabadi said that the Supreme Audit Court of Iran (SAC) confirmed the names of 397 officials as possible defendants, albeit with no report about these officials and the scale of their corruption.

Elsewhere in his address, Dowlatabadi also touched Municipality Illegal Housing Scandal; “the prosecutor-general’s office rejects reports in the media that the office had detained the source of the news letting loose the perpetrators; revealing details of any case during the preliminary investigations is illegal; we have a legal restriction on publicizing the names of those engaged in the case, but the case is being heard in the court,” he said.

Still in an important story, he said that oil tycoon Babak Zanjani would save his life by restoring public money to treasury, the provision being stated in the verdict against him by the Supreme Court; on the case related to Tehran’s representative Mahmoud Sadeghi, Dowlatabadi said that the case was still open in Tehran Court of Justice, just as other cases such as one related to Ali Motahari was.