Hojatoleslam Mohammad Jafar Montazeri

Shanghai Organization members coordinate campaign against terrorism

IRNA – Prosecutor General Mohammad Ja’far Montazeri said on Saturday that coordination among Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states should be on the agenda in international campaign against terrorism.

He made the remarks upon his arrival from the fourth conference of the prosecutors general of SCO member states in China

We proposed to Chinese prosecutor general, as head of the meeting, to establish a committee to consider proposed issues and the committee offers issues to be practical for implementation for the member states in next year meeting, Montazeri added.

The prosecutor general said that he held meetings with the counterparts from countries with different legal and judicial ties on the sidelines of the conference.

In the meeting with Chinese prosecutor general, as the host of the conference, we discussed freedom and extradition of Iranian prisoners in China and they accepted.

He said that the Chinese officials accepted to extradite Iranian prisoners. They are around 20 prisoners.

Montazeri said that the issue of terrorism can not be settled by one country and it needs collective cooperation of all the states.

Montazeri said that during 14th conference of prosecutors general of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, the participants reviewed adopting measures for international campaign against terrorism and organized crimes.