‘Heart of Asia’ conference on Afghanistan opens in India

IRNA – The Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan called ‘Heart of Asia’ opened in the presence of visiting Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Amritsar, Indian Punjab, on Saturday.

Heart of Asia conference is expected to see attendance of leaders from around 30 countries including US, Russia, China and Iran. The theme will be connectivity and increasing security in and around the Afghan region.

The discussions will revolve primarily on peace, cooperation and economic growth in Afghanistan and neighboring regions. India is the co-chair and host this time and Afghanistan is the permanent chair of the conference.

Arrived in New Delhi on Saturday morning, Zarif is slated to deliver a speech in the ‘Heart of Asia’ conference on Dec 4.

Zarif is to outline Iran’s policies on promotion of peace and stability in heart of Asia especially in Afghanistan during his speech in the conference.

He is also to hold talks with ranking Indian officials and attend an eco-political meeting in New Delhi.

The foreign minister is accompanied by a 38-member delegation from Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, 15 Iranian knowledge-based companies and 8 trade banks.