Georgians keen to develop Persian-language schools: Iran official

December 3, The Iran Project – Seyyed Mohammad Reza Darbandi, Deputy for International Affairs of Sa’adi Foundation has said Georgian people and scholars are اhighly interested in Persian-language school expansion in Georgia.

Emphasizing the role of language teaching and development on spreading different countries beliefs and culture, Darbandi said Iran’s Saa’di Foundation has also been established to develop the Persian language and Iranian culture in the world.

He referred to Georgia as one of the countries that welcomes the expansion of Persian language and culture, adding because of Iran and Georgia common past, Georgian parents want their children to learn Persian language and become familiar with Iranian culture and its teachings for not being influenced by the Western culture and forget their past history.

Head of Caucasus International University of Georgia, for his part, referred to the university’s measures to promote Persian language and culture, adding given the students’ interest, we held Persian language courses.

The Sa’adi Foundation which was established in 2012 aimed at becoming the main resource and reference to anyone who is interested in learning Persian outside or inside Iran, as well as to all individuals and institutions who somehow deal with teaching the Persian language and literature across the world.