Iran’s coverage: Iran to produce 3.797mbd on OPEC decision

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OPEC confounds skeptics, agrees to first oil cuts in 8 years

OPEC confounded its doubters and sent crude oil prices soaring by agreeing to its first production cuts in eight years.


President upbeat with Iran’s brilliant OPEC success

President Hassan Rouhani has hailed Iran’s success in the oil markets and OPEC which on Wednesday decided a production of 3.9 million barrels per day by the country.

IRGC ultralight crashes; pilot martyred

An ultralight aircraft of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has been crashed in Saravan airport at 11:00 am on Thursday as was en route to a reconnaissance mission.


Russian diplomat hopes Trump Administration will admit no alternative to Iran nuclear deal

“JCPOA’s constructive resource is far from exhausted. On the contrary, we are at the very start of its implementation,” Sergey Ryabkov said.


Min. of Health: AIDS beast lurking around; real, not imaginary

Health officials believe AIDS has been increasingly contaminated individuals with ‘dangerous sexual conducts,’ as they would evade the responsibility to transparently inform the health centers around the country of their potential HIV plus status.


Kyrgyzstan waiting for visit of President of Iran

Kyrgyzstan is waiting for a visit of the President of Iran. The head of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev said today at the year-end conference.


Iran, Romania sign $700 million energy deal

Iran and Romania have signed an initial agreement to build a 1,000-megawatt power station near the Iraqi border, IRNA says.


Obama spox doesn’t rule out possibility of vetoing Iran Sanctions Act

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the US President’s signing the bill on extension of Iran’s Sanctions Act will be pending on investigations and studies.


Iranian Commander: Erdogan’ remarks aim to help besieged terrorists in Aleppo

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that his forces in Syria are there to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad was a psychological move in the interests of the besieged terrorists in Syrian city of Aleppo, a senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander said Wednesday.


Iran’s OPEC ‘victory’ hailed at home

Iran’s media have hailed what is seen at home as the country’s “victory” in multiple-month negotiations with rivals and allies at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) over a proposed plan to reduce production and boost the prices.