Bahram Qassemi

Iran absolutely determined in counter-terrorism efforts: FM Spokesman

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi here on Wednesday said the brutal act of terrorists in Iraq in killing Arbaeen pilgrims, including tens of Iranians, will have no impact on the determination of the Iranian people and government to fight terrorism and the malicious decadent people.

In a statement released on the occasion of funeral procession of Iranian martyred pilgrims in southern province of Khuzestan, Qasemi condoled with the bereaved families and the Iranian nation.

“In their disgraceful and inhuman efforts, the Takfiri terrorists this time targeted the Arbaeen pilgrims. This terrorist attack, the responsibility of which was claimed by Daesh terrorists, has made the Iranian government and people more resolved than ever to battle against these malicious, incurable, and decadent people,” the statement added.

Thanks to the regional nations’ vigilance, Qasemi underscored, terrorism would backfire its supporters, instigators and perpetrators in the future and these ill-advised acts of hatred would not bring about any positive result for Daesh vampires.

On Nov 26, the bodies of 71 Iranian pilgrims who were martyred in a terrorist attack in Iraq were transferred home.

A truck bomb went off in the Shoumeli village, 120 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, targeting vehicles loaded with passengers most of them Iranians who were returning home from the holy shrines in Iraq after Arba’een rituals on Nov 25.

Reports so far put the number of the dead at more than 71 with a lot more injured.