President asks for naming Iranians killed in Iraq as martyrs

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Monday called on the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs to add names of the Iranian pilgrims killed in the recent deadly terrorist blasts in Iraq to the list of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

In a letter to Mohammad-Ali Shahidi, director of the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, the President also asked for supporting the families of the victims of Daesh terrorist attacks in November and October in Iraq.

A number of Iranians were killed in two separate terrorist attacks made by Daesh terrorists in Iraq in November and October, 2016.

On November 24, socres of the Iranian pilgrims who had travelled to Iraq for Arbaeen mourning ceremony were killed when a suicide bomber exploded a truck loaded with explosives in a gas station in the Iraqi village of Shoumeli, some 120 km southeast of Baghdad, targeting vehicles carrying passengers mostly Iranians back home from the holy shrines in Iraq after Arbaeen rituals.

Reports put the number of the dead at more than 71 with a lot more injured.

Meanwhile, in another terrorist attack carried out in late October, four Iranian engineers were killed when a suicide attacker blew himself up after he entered a power plant in a region near Kirkuk. The Iranian engineers were working in the power plant.

The inhuman act of Takfiri extremist groups, made the Iranian nation further committed to their fight against terrorists, their ideological roots and their international supporters, President Rouhani said in his letter to the director of the Foundation of of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs.

He stressed that supporting families of the martyrs is a duty for all Iranians.