Daesh created by Saudi regime: Cmdr.

IRNA – Daesh (ISIS) and its terrorist acts have roots in ideologies of Zionism, Wahhabism and arrogant powers to kill Muslims, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, top military advisor to the Iranian Leader, has said.

Speaking in a local ceremony, he said that Daesh is created by the Saudi regime and Wahhabi ideology and the Wahhabi ideology is in turn created by the UK.

Firouzabadi, the former chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Frces, said that the US, Israel and UK are afraid of Muslims and that is why they managed to kill Muslims by providing chemical weapons and money for the terrorists.

He added that the Saudi rulers are promoting Wahhabism in the region by spending their petrodollars and with the US support.

No power is able to counter Iran’s Islamic Revolution because it enjoys the culture of martyrdom, stressed the commander.