DoE cuts toxic fuel production to check air pollution

Shana– Head of the Department of Environment (DoE) Masoomeh Ebtekar has lauded the Rouhani Administraiton for successfully curtailing production of toxic fuel by petrochemical facilities in Iran in a bid to save the people from choking pollution in big cities.

“Such a big achievement saved citizens of the metropolitan cities, especially Tehran, not to breath in the cancerous benzene,” Ebtekar told a TV program.

She said, “To remove air pollution, planning is needed. Removing environment and air pollution related problems will take time.”

She said since the year 1393 (2014-15), government managed to stop distribution of fuel produced by petrochemical facilities and distribute the euro 4 gasoline in metropolitan cities instead.

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, suffers from a severe air pollution, and it is located near three major fault lines, while being the most populous region of the country. The officials have created financial incentives to encourage around 5 million citizens to leave the city.