US hinders French banks to work in Iran: Amb.

November 26, The Iran Project – US extra-territorial laws and decisions that have been imposed on the French banks prevent them from cooperation with Iran, said Iranian Ambassador to France Ali Ahani speaking about Iran-France economic challenges.

In an interview with ‘Paris-Tehran’ journal, Iranian Ambassador to France Ali Ahani said nearly three centuries passed since Iran and France have started their official relations, stressing that the two countries mutual respect resulted from their old and rich civilization and culture.

Unfortunately, the politicization of public opinion and the negative atmosphere created against Iran in the West, due to political reasons and Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, affected the two countries’ relations, Ahani noted.

He reiterated that Israeli lobbies and some Arab regimes, tried hard to foment Iranophobia to present a false picture of Iran as a violent country, but Iran’s nuclear deal with the West, inked in July 2015, made everything clear.

Referring to Tehran-Paris relations, Iranian Ambassador to France pointed out following the removal of sanctions, the two countries’ ties have entered a new chapter.

He went on to say that former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius’ trip to Iran, the visit of 150-member delegation of MEDEF International to Tehran, and President Rouhani’s trip to France which was followed by signing 35 agreements and contracts, created a turing point in the two countries’ relations.