Army Commander: Iran’s overhauled giant warship, kilo-class submarine ready to launch

FNA- Iranian Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi announced that Iran’s Khark logistic warship that is the largest in West Asia and a kilo-class submarine are ready to launch operation after they were both thoroughly overhauled.

“Khark warship and Tareq submarine are ready for mission after undergoing several stages of overhauling,” General Salehi said on Saturday, addressing Navy commanders in Tehran.

He also underlined the necessity for developing the best defense equipment and products in the country.

His remarks came after Commander of the Iranian Navy’s First Zone Rear Admiral Hossein Azad announced that the country will launch the largest logistic warship in West Asia in the near future.

“The Khark logistic warship which is the biggest warship in West Asia has been overhauled after 35 years by the Navy experts in Bandar Abbas (province in Southern Iran) and will be launched soon,” Admiral Azad told reporters in Bandar Abbas on Wednesday.

He also said that different types of surface and subsurface vessels as well as various aircraft will be unveiled on the occasion of Navy Day on November 27.

Earlier this week, the Iranian Navy announced plans to unveil new indigenous radar systems capable of tracing surface and air targets and operating in electronic warfare.

“The integrated system named Samen to search, detect and trace the surface and air targets will be unveiled on November 29,” Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said in a press conference in Tehran last Monday.

He also said that the home-made LPI radar system which can operate in electronic warfare environments will also be unveiled soon, and added that three helicopters and 5 hovercrafts, all of them fully overhauled, will be unveiled on December 6.

Elsewhere, Sayyari underlined Iran’s plans to stage specialized wargames for submarines in the next few days and massive naval drills dubbed as ‘Velayat 95’ in the Northern parts of the Indian Ocean in February.

“Also relief and rescue exercises will be jointly held with Oman,” he added.