Plucky Iranian woman behind the wheels

Press TV- She’s been in love with driving since she was a child, sitting by her father’s side, as he drove his little girl around on the bus each day.

Now she’s a mother who not only cares for her family, but also works hard as a bus driver, transporting passengers from one city to another.

She has come a long way and today she’s happy for having the dream job. Nothing can get in her way. A strong and independent woman who at the same time is extremely caring.

This week on True Image, we will meet three remarkable women. Soheila Abdolkarimi is an independent woman who drives a bus. Everyday she drives about forty passengers to cities across the country.

Mina Mehrnoush is one of the best entrepreneurs in Iran, a smart educated woman who tells you how to make money.

Shadi Paridar is the country’s best chess player who has achieved numerous medals in this sport. A young and talented lady who knows how to make the right moves!