Austria keen on cooperation with Iran on environment and motor-car industry

IRNA – Head of Austrian Steiermark Chamber of Commerce Joseph Herek said on Wednesday that Austria is keen on cooperation with Iran on environment and motor-car industry.

He made the remarks on the second day of Iranian delegation’s visit to Steiermark, Austria.

He said that Iran is a major market for export and commercial partner for Austria.

‘We are very interested to help companies open up new relations with each other through sharing information and cooperation,’ he said.

Economic activists from Steiermark visited Tehran last February. Tehran and Steiermark chambers of commerce signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) on trade and commerce cooperation during the visit.

Iranian commercial delegation led by Masoud Khansari is currently in Steiermark to hold talks with directors of the private sector and economic activists.

Iran is the safest country in the region which boasts of unique reserves of oil, gas and minerals, the Austrian official said.

Iran can attract 50 million dollars Austrian investment each year, he said.

He hoped that the two countries will develop economic cooperation by the removal of banking obstacles in the way of free trade with the European states, especially Austria.