Egypt’s Sisi calls for international support for Syria, Libya, Iraq armies

Al Manar– Egyptian President, ‘Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi voiced support for the Syrian, Libyan, and Iraqi armies in their battles against terrorists.

In a live television interview with RTP TV on Tuesday, Sisi said “there should be international support for the Libyan, Iraqi & Syrian national armies to ensure security in their countries.”

“It is better that the national army of any country ensures security and stability by itself,” Sisi said when asked about sending Egyptian troops to Syria.

“Syria has been for five years suffering a deep crisis. Our stance is that we respect the will of the Syrian people,” the Egyptian president said, stressing that the political settlement is the best solution to the current conflict.

In this context, Sisi urged to deal seriously with the terrorist groups in Syria and to disarm them, in order to preserve the unity of Syria and to rebuild the war-ravaged country.