South Pars yields 460m cm/d gas

SHANA- Managing Director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) Mohammad Meshkinfam says Iran is now extracting 460 million cubic meters/day gas from South Pars jointly owned field.

Meshkinfam told Shana that over the past one month, gas extraction from South Pars ranged between 420 million cm/day and 430 million cm/day and as the phase 10 platforms were operational, gas production from the joint field has reached 460 million cm/day.

The phase 19 is equal to two standard phases and as the phase had become completely operational, two billion cubic feet is daily added to gas extraction capacity of the joint field.

The official said based on the plans made, by end of Iranian month of Azar (November 21-December 20), gas production from the field will reach 500 million cubic meters a day and it will exceed 530 million cubic meters by end of this year (to end on March 20) of or early next year (to start on March 21).

He said plans are made for operational phase 21 platform by next two weeks and once the phase is operational, 28 million cubic meters will be added to Iran’s gas extraction from South Pars gas field a day.

Based on the report, phases 20 and 21 are among phases whose full operation will add two billion cubic feet to the field’s gas recovery capacity.

Meshkinfam said the flare of platform 18B which is a satellite platform is now lit. “Once the platform’s pipeline is ready, 500 million cubic feet will be added soon to Iran’s capacity to extract gas from Iranian gas field.”

Over the past three years, South Pars phases 12, 15 and 16 and major portion of the offshore platforms of phases 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 be operational this year.

In the period under study, more than 200 million cubic meters have been added to South Pars gas production capacity. As early as next year, gas recovery from the field will increase up to 530 million cubic meters/day once the remaining platforms of the phase are operational.