Yemen crisis

Truce violated by Saudi forces 114 times: Army spokesman

Mersad News– The army spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman said on Sunday Saudi Arabia and its allies have violated a recent ceasefire declared by Riyadh in the country over 100 times.

He confirmed in  Press Statement  to ” Seba Agency”  ceasefire has been violated 114 times by Riyadh’s military since it went into effect on Saturday.

” Saudi forces had launched attacks against various Yemeni provinces including Sana’a, Ta’izz and Sa’ada, adding that in some of the attacks internationally-banned weapons were used ” he added.

On Tuesday , US Secretary of State John Kerry said to journalists in the United Arab Emirates ”  Warring sides of the conflict in Yemen have agreed on a swift ceasefire agreement starting in the coming days”.

The Yemeni site have  expressed its readiness to end fighting and join a national unity government in the conflict-ridden country suffering from a deadly Saudi aggression.

Later,Yemen’s former foreign minister, Abdel Malek al-Mekhlafi, complained that Kerry’s announcement had not been coordinated with the country’s resigned government.

Sharaf Luqman, The army spokesman, reaffirmed on Saturday the commitment to the ceasefire in line of Oman’s principle agreement, providing the other side should obey by the agreed truce.

The US has also been providing logistic and surveillance support to the kingdom in the bloody military campaign.