Bahram Qassemi

Spokesman dismisses ‘invalid’ rumors of talks with Europeans to lift visa issuance

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi has on Sunday dismissed rumors that talks are underway with a number of European countries to lift visa issuance.

Qasemi said the ‘forged’ reports, published by certain section of the media that quoted an unknown and illusive source at Foreign Ministry as saying talks were underway with a number of countries, including several European states, to lift visa issuance, is invalid.

He said reports on fresh understanding, if any, with other countries to provide further consular facilities will be brought to the information of the public only through official channels.

He noted that Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has especially over recent years been in efforts to upgrade value and credit of Iranian passports and put it as one of its main programs on its agenda.

He added that as far as further consular facilities for all Iranian citizens, especially in connection with lifting visa issuance with more countries, are concerned , talks have been held with many governments.

The spokesman of Iran’s diplomatic organ said Foreign Ministry undoubtedly, considers such bilateral efforts as its main and permanent duties.

He underlined that many countries have also offered similar requests and proposals to the Islamic Republic of Iran and in case of any new deal with any country to provide further consular facilities, the result will be brought to the information of the public through Foreign Ministry official channels.