Emami Kashani: US main supporter of terrorism in region

 IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani said in his second sermon on Friday that the US is the main supporter of terrorism in the region.

On regional developments, he said the US is the main supporter of terrorism in countries such as Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other Islamic countries.

Stressing that the US is regarded as the root cause of terrorism, the cleric said Americans created it and supported it financially but now put finger of accusations on Iran!

As stated by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution, it makes no difference for Iran whoever is elected as the US president because the important fact is the way the enemy (US) treats Iran and other Islamic states.

They shamelessly stand up and say they have imposed economic sanctions against Iran and write letter to the UN claiming that Iran supports terrorism, while themselves keep dropping cluster bombs on Yemen and massacre population, the Friday Prayers Leader said.

This is despite the fact that they tell what they wish against Iran, he added.

No one is afraid of such a hue and cry, he underlined.