Velayati: Strategic ties with China necessary

MNA – Leader’s senior adviser and head of Strategic Research Center has said Iran and China should develop bilateral ties to strategic levels.

Mr. Ali Akbar Velayati received Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Mr. Pang Sen Wednesday evening. They discussed developments in the region and prospects of improvement of bilateral ties; Velayati believed that the visit earlier in January by President Xi Jinping to Tehran catapulted relations with China to new highs, with prospects of even further developments in trade, security and intelligence, and cultural relations,” he added.

“Recent visit by Chinese defense minister to Tehran also highlights the priority both countries lend to strategic ties; a little seriousness would prove effective in implementing bilateral agreements, and the Islamic Republic of Iran hails such levels in relations with China,” he told Chinese official, urging more cooperation between China and Iran on regional issues.

Chinese official for his part said that he would convey Velayati’s message to high-ranking officials in the government, with possible subsequent outcome being improved ties with Iran.