Trump has his finger on the nuclear trigger: what will he choose to do?

The Guardian|Bruce Blair: There is reason to be concerned about the president-elect’s poor grasp of nuclear weapons issues, yet his fluid views could bring some benefits

Donald Trump has inchoate, inconsistent and sometimes ill-informed views on a raft of nuclear weapons issues: their role in national and international security; the nuclear threats posed by North Korea, Iran and others; the consequences of their use; the inevitability and desirability of nuclear proliferation; the necessity of spending $1tr over 30 years to modernise the US arsenal; and the importance of cutting deals with Russia and others to regulate their stockpiles.

He is as yet largely unformed in this critical arena, but some of his stated positions and views have the potential to wreak havoc on the international security order and put the country and the world in nuclear jeopardy.

Yet there is a promising side to Trump’s fluid views. They could offer ways to reduce nuclear risks and arsenals.

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