Agreements on work of Russian oil companies in Iran may be due in December

TASS– Detailed agreements on work of Russian oil companies in Iran may be reached during a meeting of the intergovernmental commission in Tehran due December 13, speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko said on Monday.

“The Iranian side expects more active involvement in the Iranian market from oil and gas companies, other organizations,” especially on the background of the contract worth $5 billion, signed by Total, Matviyenko said.

“The Iranian side expects our gas and oil companies to bring investments in development of the fields,” she said. “Our oil and gas companies demonstrate big interest to working in Iran, and the Iranians hope during the upcoming meeting of the intergovernmental commission, planned for December 13, certain agreements may be possible.”

“The Iranian side will notify Russian companies about the easier variant of agreements to participate in development of fields,” she continued. “There are chances, those agreements are possible.”

The speaker said also that the Iranian side is interested in development of cooperation with Russia in the peaceful use of the nuclear energy, including in further construction of new nuclear reactors in Bushehr, as well as in organizing a group on scientific-technical progress for joint work on ways to modernize economies of the two countries.