IRGC commander plays down impacts of US Presidential Election on Iran

FNA- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami said election of the new president in the US fails to leave a meaningful impact on Iran as Washington will continue its hostile policies against Tehran irrespective of the partisan tendencies of White House leaders.

“Who would win the election makes no meaningful difference to us since we feel that no special change will taken place in the US regional, international and general policies in interaction with different parts of the world,” Salami told FNA on Wednesday.

He said that the system which rules the US always opts for oppressive policies in relations with other countries. Experience from the past 4 decades shows that the US policies on Iran do not change with the election of a new president from among either the Democrats or Republicans, the general added.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi announced that the results of the US presidential election will not leave much impact on Washington’s relations with Tehran.

“We will wait and see who the US people will elect as their president. Whoever the US people elect will be accepted by everyone, but we don’t expect much to witness a major development with regard to Iran,” Qassemi told reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran.

Noting that the most important issue between Iran and the US is the full implementation of the nuclear deal, he said that Iran doesn’t think that any administration that comes to power in the US can violate Washington’s undertakings.

“We are not concerned in this regard so much,” Qassemi added.

“We think that any administration which will rule the White House will finally and forcibly, even if it doesn’t want, be forced to remain committed to the undertakings of the previous governments and implement the undertakings precisely,” he said.