Iran-Russia coherent relations to foil enemies’ threats: Official

November 6, The Iran Project – Chairman of the Iran-Russia Friendship Group Ramezan-Ali Sobhani-Far says the coherent relations between Iran and Russia can thwart the enemies’ threats, especially in fighting against terrorism.

Iran and Russia are two great and influential countries in the region that have good relations and this relationship can affect security, economic, social and cultural issues, Ramezan-Ali Sobhani-Far said, speaking to a reporter on Sunday.

Stressing the importance of Iran-Russia relations on the political and security issues in the region, the Iranian official stated that given the current situation, Western countries, like US, threat the two countries so Tehran-Moscow’s coherent relations can foil their threats.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to Iran and Russia’s role in resolving the Syria’s crisis, and said the two countries together have been able to expel ISIS form Iraq and Syria’s borders and make the terrorists to retreat.

He also said that the upcoming visit of the chairman of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matvienko and the Russian parliamentary delegation to Tehran can be a positive step to boost the two countries relations.

Chairman of Russian Federation Council Valentina Matvienko along with a parliamentary delegation will visit Tehran on November 13 at the invitation of  Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.