IRGC statement: Nov. 4 ‘reassertion of defiance of enemies’

MNA – IRGC has issued a statement to mark the anniversary of overtake of US embassy, popularly called ‘Den of Spies.’

The statement addressed to the ‘rallies and the nation,’ said that the 4th decade of the Revolution was the ‘crucial time of the historical confrontation of Iran and the ruling establishment of the US.’

“November 4 events highlight the attributes of anti-American sentiments of the nation, and the extent to which the nation sees it as a legitimate and highly important confrontation,” the statement reads; “a realistic reading of the Islamic Revolution and the ideology propagated by the US imperialist system reveals the criticality of the current times, when in the post-JCPOA era, reviving the Revolutionary vitality and spirit among the authorities and the public as well will help abort the mentality and dreams of infiltration in Iranian affairs.”

“November 4 rallies provide a time for the Revolution to show clearly its anti-imperialist and anti-American nature; the month, critical in the history of the Revolution is a month of Imam Khomeini’s banishment to Turkey as exile, atrocities evinced by the regime’s forces on students, and most importantly, storming the US embassy; all these events reveal the true nature of the US as hostile to anything Iranian in policy and action,” the statement emphasized.

“November 4 event exposed the fallen and deplorable situation of the US in the eyes of the world public, revival of an anti-imperialist culture in Iran and the region, and hitting off the balance the hegemonic powers of the west had worked out delicately in the Middle East.”

“It also forestalled US plans to mounting pressures and threats, and effectively rendered the White House in a position of loss and paralysis,” the statement said, reiterating the Leader’s remarks that a trust of the US would be dangerous and the mentality that negotiations with it would help solve country’s pressing problems was at best erroneous.