How is FBI hitting trust in US political system?

Alwaght– The Americans are again hearing news of the FBI re-launching probe into use of private email server by the Democrat presidential candidate Hilary Clinton while she was in office as the Secretary of State. A move that the observers suggest will overshadow the course of the US presidential race just days before its official opening on November 8. Especially that FBI’s raising of the case has begun to directly affect the polls about the possible winner of the presidential vote.

The probe into Clinton’s emails by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has given the analysts the motivation to make speculations on the role of the investigation service and its influences on the country’s presidential election, as we can see that the two candidates’ levels in the polls go near equal every time the FBI releases a statement. But all these are not as important as the analyses by the American and Western political experts about the US voters’ losing trust in their country’s political system beside decline of the foreign countries and sides’ trust in the US political system after the opposing candidates raised sensitive national security cases during their campaigns seen as new to the whole history of the US.

The FBI restores controversy to the country

The Director of the FBI James Comey has announced that he was to reopen investigation into Hilary Clinton’s emails case. The FBI chief addressed the heads of the Congress’ different committees on Friday, telling them that the FBI will resume the process to probe into more emails associated with the case, declining to specify a certain timetable for concluding the controversial scrutiny, and adding that it was still unclear for the Bureau the degree of risks of the new emails, something that drew new storm of controversy officially and publicly.

FBI’s leaks influence the upcoming elections

The US news outlets made it clear that reopening Clinton’s emails inquiry has affected the presidential campaigns in the country just days before November 8, the US Election Day in which the winner in the race for the White House will come out. The announcement by the FBI restored the lost credibility of the Republican Candidate Donald Trump after the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton sweepingly led Trump in almost any poll conducted nationwide. However, following the FBI’s emails case re-raising, the results of the pre-election polls have shown that results of the week-away presidential election have become open once again after Trump led Clinton in new polls thanks to emails scandal that hit Clinton’s superiority. The new polls results on Monday appeared to show Trump jumping ahead of his rival Clinton by one or two points.

At the same time, the Republican candidate has made up for his falling behind the Democratic candidate in a couple of important states like Florida and boosted his lead in some other states such as Olio. However, Clinton still leads in the early voting.

How do the leaks influence the voters’ choice?

The American voters raised a slew of questions about the newly leaked emails, and about what data they contained, and they are specifically zealous to know if they damage the country’s national security. These demands have pushed Hilary Clinton to urge the FBI to discover all of the realities about the scandal in a bid to display trust in her manners in dealing with her responsibilities as a Secretary of State. But this move was not enough to help the national-level uproar to wind down.

What added to complexity of the situation were remarks by the US Vice-president Joe Biden who said on Friday that he preferred not to serve under Hilary Clinton once she is elected president of the country. These remarks were considered by many analysts as a fresh blow by her allies that will impact the votes of the Democrats, especially that Biden’s words pushed down trust in Hilary Clinton.

The emails case: an analysis of consequences

Several cases can be interpreted through focusing on the election developments in the country, including:

First, the probe into Hilary Clinton’s emails and the issues around them is something unclear because it is still affected by media and political propaganda without any transparent reasons and proofs for them, an issue that causes decline of the American democracy and entry of national security cases into the election race. Donald Trump has seen the emails case as a strong reason for Clinton’s disqualification for the post of president. But Clinton argued that the emails case was related to a Trump-desired hacking operation carried out by Russia.

Second, the American voters do not trust any of the candidates particularly after the election campaigns involved national security issues unprecedented in the US elections. The people’s distrust is observable through the results of polls that busied the American public opinion, showing a decline in the voters’ confidence, despite all of differences and conflicts of the American ideas on that.

Third, the American political system has become subject to a wide-ranging controversy in the West and around the world after the American people and other countries lost confidence in it. This is the first time the American political reality is being subjected to such an exposure. Actually, earlier there were no arguments raised about this. At the same time, the new president– no matter who becomes next president– will have this as one of the biggest challenges ahead, particularly the hard work needed to restore trust of the people at home and the global countries to the US political system.

Fourth, the troubles for the first time hit the American bipartisan unity. The domestic struggles did not remain between the Republicans and the Democrats, rather they developed into infighting inside the bodies of the two parties separately as there was an argument inside the Republican Party about the qualifications of Trump to become candidate for presidency. At the same time, the Democratic Party discussed the health and legal qualifications of Clinton particularly after inquiry into the emails case.

Therefore, the US with its domestic or international policies is no longer qualified to win confidence of the countries and nations. The US political system has begun to urge reviews, according to opinions of a majority of the Americans, something that FBI’s leaks added to its necessity. Although the FBI’s decision to reopen probe raised some questions about trust in the Democratic candidate, in fact it raised questions about the qualifications of the US political system.