Iran backs Tehran-Paris ties against terrorism

TEHRAN, Oct. 26 (MNA) – Senior Iranian MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi, at a meeting with his French counterpart Patricia Adam, has emphasized the need for joint fight against terrorism.

Head of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi, who is on an official visit to Paris, met and talked with Patricia Adam, MP and President of the Committee on National Defense and Armed Forces of France’s National Assembly.

The Iranian official noted that terrorists have entered a new stage of their activities as they are exploiting lands, oil as well as billions of revenues and modern weaponry inside the region; “terrorism will not be fought unless the correct path is taken,” he emphasized.

On West’s cooperation in the fight against terrorism, Boroujerdi pointed to Iran’s lack of trust in the US saying “Americans have no determination in the current fight which is more of a show than a real combat.”

He also referred to the shared views of Tehran and Paris in the endeavor which will meet interests of both sides; “nevertheless, the fight against terrorism needs to be clearly defined rather than being used a means of reaching certain goals.”

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, while touching upon the issue of Syrian refugees in Europe, criticized certain European states highlighting that “in case the Syrian issue gets resolved, Syrian citizens will be willing to return to their homeland.”

The French MP Patricia Adam, for her part, voiced satisfaction towards the overall trend of bilateral relations between Iran and France underlining “despite certain discrepancies in views, Tehran and Paris pursue the same goal in the fight against terrorism.”

“No doubt, Iran is a great country with a long history like France,” underscored the official “as deep-rooted countries, the two nations are burdened with heavier responsibilities towards regional and international issues.”

Adam recalled that the fight against terrorism proves to be a time-consuming process which requires close collaboration; “given its special position, Iran need to be involved in all negotiations on regional issues.”

“In France, terrorism is positively interrelated with extremism,” stressed the official appreciating the consensus between the two parties about the need to preserve territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria.

Participants at the meeting further shared views on the fight against drug trafficking and discussed venues for relevant cooperation.

By Mehr News Agency