Russian Envoy: Iran informed of details of Moscow-Washington talks on Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian underlined strategic ties between Tehran and Moscow, and said Russian official inform their Iranian counterparts of details of its negotiations with the US on Syria.

“Our Iranian friends are informed of the details of what we negotiate with the US on Syria,” Jagarian said in an interview with the Persian-language daily, Etemad on Tuesday.

Stressing that Russia would never cut a deal with the US that could endanger Iran and its interests, he said, “Everything is transparent and Iranian officials are kept informed.”

Jagarian said Tehran and Moscow exchange views on Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Central Asia on a routine basis, and the two states have also held talks on Yemen.

Noting that Russia views Iran as a friendly state, he said, “Mr. Putin has a positive view of Iran, and the Iranian Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) and Mr. Rouhani also have a positive view of Russia.”

Earlier this month, Syrian Deputy Information Minister Ali al-Ahmad underlined that Iran and Russia are helping Damascus in its anti-terrorism efforts to prevent Washington’s implementation of its unilateralism policies.

“I never believe that Russia will change its positions under the US pressures since this issue is not merely related to Syria and its national security but it is related to Russia’s future geopolitics and governing the world and therefore, it is correct that the war in Syria is its own battle, but there is no doubt that it is also Iran and Russia’s battle to prevent the US move to rule the world unilaterally,” Ahmad said.

Noting that Russia doesn’t want any conflict with the US or NATO, he said that such a conflict will be highly dangerous for international peace and security.

Meantime, Ahmad underlined that Tehran and Moscow will never withdraw from the achievements they have gained, and they will become more powerful each day and partner in governing the world.

By Fars News Agency