Iran respects neighbors’ territorial integrity: Foreign Ministry

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic’s regional policies are rooted in “the sublime Islamic and humanitarian values and teachings,” which place a high priority on the security and stability of neighboring countries, particularly the Muslim ones.

“Sectarianism, tribalism and fomenting religious tensions have never had a place in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s principled regional and international policies,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Thursday night.

He stressed that “Tehran’s spiritual influence stems from its goodwill and respect for the independence and territorial integrity of neighboring countries – [a fact] that should not be difficult for some observers to comprehend.”

“It is imperative that regional countries understand the region’s sensitive and critical situation, and move towards and make comments on ending tensions and conflicts,” Qassemi pointed out.

The Iranian official’s remarks came in response to latest statements by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus concerning Iran’s religious influence in Iraq.

The Fars news agency quoted an unnamed source familiar with the issue as saying that Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Hakan Tekin had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry to convey Iran’s “strong protest” to the “unrealistic stances of high-ranking Turkish officials.”

Foreign Ministry officials were not immediately available for comment on the issue, the news agency reported.

By Press TV