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Iran rejects allegations on possible role in missile attack on US warships

Bahram Qassemi

Tehran, Oct 20, IRNA – Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi has strongly refused any possible role of Iran in attacking the US warships in the Red Sea.

Qasemi made the remarks in response to the unfounded allegations by a US army general who said Iran may have played a role in recent missile attacks against the US warships in the Red Sea.

Qasemi described the US officials’ remarks as an unreal, suspicious and baseless piece of story that manifest their confusion.

He further advised the US government to be much more careful about the measures being taken by those who have sunk themselves in the cruel war against the Yemenis and try to fan the flames of tension and expand the war in order to rescue themselves.

The US military forces, who are directly and indirectly helping the anti-Yemen coalition to commit crimes in Yemen and kill the oppressed and defenseless Yemenis, had better to halt the massacre underway by the US allies in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia with the help of nine other Arab countries except Oman has been mounting massive attacks on Yemen since March 26, 2015, to give power back to the resigned Yemeni president and prevent the Yemeni revolutionary forces from taking power.

Since then, thousands of Yemenis have been killed.


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