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Iranian, Turkish companies discuss auto parts Coop.

A Turkish delegation of auto parts suppliers visited Pars Khodro’s production plants this week and announced their interest in expanding collaboration with the Iranian company.

The delegation from Bursa, one of Turkey’s automotive and industrial hubs, visited Tehran and negotiated production deal with representatives of Pars Khodro.

Persian Khodro, the local automotive website, reported that Abdollah Bayrak, the head of Bursa’s auto parts suppliers association, referred to Pars Khodro as “the leading Iranian car manufacturer in terms of quality”.

Bayrak said the technology and product quality used at Pars Khodro match the technology used by Fiat at its production plants in Turkey.

“Turkey’s auto industry is assembly-oriented while Iranian suppliers, in addition to manufacturing parts, have been active in research and development. Hence, bilateral collaborations will enable both countries to boost their auto industry,” he added.

During the meeting held with the Turkish delegation, Hesam Qasemzadeh, Pars Khodro’s director for exports, said, “The collective capabilities of the Iranian and Turkish companies will enable them to ramp up their industrial and economical capabilities.”

Pars Khodro, a longtime partner of Renault in Iran producing vehicles like the Dacia Logan (locally known as L90), has been able to claim a share in the regional market by exporting cars to Azerbaijan, Iraq and Lebanon.

According to Qasemzadeh, Pars Khodro is aiming to raise this share through collaboration with foreign companies, including the Turks, active in the region’s auto industry.

By Financial Tribune

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