Saudi Arabia should change its policies towards Iran: Official

October 16, The Iran Project – Iran’s former foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini says Saudi Arabia should fundamentally change its policies towards Iran to reduce Tehran-Riyadh’s disputes.

Speaking to a reporter on Sunday, Mohammad-Ali Hosseini referred to Saudis’ hostile policy towards Iran, saying in the current situation, it is possible to reduce the level of conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudis should firstly understand and accept the realities of the region for not to take any wrong foreign policy towards Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Takfiri terrorist groups, he noted.

Answering the question to what extent the transfer of power from King Abdullah to King Salman increased Saudis’ hostility, he said since the power has been transferred to the inexperienced King Salman, Saudi Arabia has taken more aggressive measures towards the Islamic Republic.

Of course, Iran’s regional and international achievements in various fields and the short-sightedness and implacability of Saudi leaders escalate the hostilities, he added.

In its last hostile measure towards Iran, the Saudi Directorate General for Passports put Iran on its travel blacklist, banning Saudi citizens from traveling to the country.

Al Saud regime also created obstacles to prevent the dispatch of Iranian pilgrims to this year’s Hajj rituals so Iran said performing the Hajj ritual this year is virtually impossible because of Saudi Arabia’s refusal to guarantee the safety of pilgrims.