Private jet packages feature trip to Iran

One of the world’s leading tour operators of private jet expeditions announced on Thursday its 2018 schedule and new full-charter opportunities, with a popular destination in Iran featuring in two pricy packages.

The Seattle, US-based TCS World Travel, which prides itself in offering “innovative trips to legendary places by private jets”, has released its 2018 schedule, including four packages, two of which include trips to the historical city of Isfahan, reported.

The first package, called Ancient Cultures & Hidden Wonders Around the World, which starts on January 19 and ends on February 10, costs $110,000 per person with a maximum capacity of 52 guests. In addition to Iran, the package includes visits to Morocco, Egypt, Japan and Brazil.

The second package, named Kingdoms and Cultures of Eurasia, starts on April 28 and concludes on May 20 and sets every tourist back by approximately $81,000. The package is designed for a maximum of 50 tourists. Isfahan, one of the oldest cities in Iran, is home to three world heritage sites: Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, Jame’ Mosque and an ancient qanat system collectively inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List earlier this year along with a handful of other qanats in Iran.

By Financial Tribune