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Clinton: ” Israel isn’t capable of causing substantial damage to Iranian nuclear program”

Wikileaks reveals Clinton’s speech from 2013 regarding the Iranian nuclear issue: “Israel estimates that even if it will only cause a small set back to the program, an attack might be the best option. But it lacks the ability to cause serious damage.”

On a speech the Democratic Presidency candidate held in front of the finance company Goldman Sacks in 2013, Hillary Clinton spoke of Israel’s military abilities to face the Iranian nuclear program. “Israel isn’t capable of inflicting substantial damage on the nuclear program” said Clinton during a speech that has been leaked by WikiLeaks.

“The Israelis have investigated the subject closely for several years and are estimating that even if they will just be able to hinder the Iranian nuclear program for a number of years, it will be worth it and they will be able to withhold any retaliation” said Clinton.

“America’s policy regarding the Iranian nuclear program is to absolutely prevent their capability to achieve nuclear armament” said Clinton and added that if Iran will achieve a nuclear weapon, a nuclear arms race will ensue, and that must be prevented at all costs, “bombing Iran’s nuclear power plants is an option.”

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The speech is part of the documents leaked out through the hacking to Clinton’s campaign manager e-mail account, in which there were thousands of mails between the two. The Democratic Party have yet to confirm the authenticity of the document, but also haven’t denied any of them.

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