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Shamkhani: West is desperate before anti-terrorism initiative of Iran, Russia, Syria, resistance

Tehran, Oct 1, IRNA – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani says west is desperate before initiative of Iran, Russia, Syria and resistance front for campaign against terrorism.

Shamkhani made the remarks in a meeting with Russian president’s special envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev.

Shamkhani said gone is the era of the west’s media and political shows to cover up their double-standards on campaign against terrorism as the world public opinion have found out invalidness of such approaches.

The Russian envoy in the meeting briefed Shamkhani on the US procrastination and its western and regional allies in genuine campaign against terrorism, while providing an account of aid shipment to citizens besieged by armed groups in Aleppo.

Today, due to continuation of such a policy, western states’ security is affected by devastating damages caused by terrorism measures, while leading to promotion of the terrorism networks in Europe and the US, he added.

The Leadership envoy underlined observation of rights of religious and ethnic groups and guaranteeing territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria within framework of the elected government in Syria.

He said the most important priority in the Syrian crisis is uprooting terrorism irrespective of their political and ideological affiliations and then preparing the ground and necessary conditions to provide a safe haven for election with the participation of the Syrian people to decide their fate.

Shamkhani said military intervention of foreign states without demand and consent of the legal government of Syria is violation of national sovereignty, while being an act to further complicate the ongoing crisis in the country.

He said all-out campaign against extensive movements of certain countries through military intervention and through support for terrorist groups following reconstruction of the network with new titles and dictation of their fate on people of Syria is an inevitable necessity.

Shamkhani underlined the need to promote and upgrade close cooperation among Iran, Russia, Syria and the camp of resistance to launch campaign against terrorism and their supporters.

‘While terrorist forces present in Aleppo are the main obstacle on the way of shipment of humanitarian aid to people of the city, collection of initiatives offered to get terrorist elements out of Aleppo has faced opposition of the US and its allies.’

The Iranian official said the US humanitarian slogans, which have resulted in hostage-taking of the innocent people of Aleppo by Takfiri terrorists, are empty and valueless in nature.

‘Silence of Washington against crimes of Al Salman and massacre of the defenseless people of Yemen through American modern arms, is another clear sign of the country’s disrespect for the rights and lives of human beings.’

Lavrentiev, for his part, said that cooperation between Iran and Russia in campaign against terrorism in Syria is durable, strategic and all-out.

He said inability of the US and its repeated breach of promises in separating arms from terrorists of al-Nusra front are main causes of failure of ceasefire agreement in Syria.

Ending his remarks, the Russian official deplored political and election approach of Washington on Syria crisis and said opponents of political settlement of Syrian crisis in US irrespective of the deplorable condition of the people of the country, in fact give preference to election votes rather than checking continued suffering of the people of Syria.


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