Iran to thoroughly examine ‘foreign policy user guide’ for next US president

Iranian specialists in international affairs are continuing work to collect and analyze the activities of their rivals and colleagues in the United States.
The Tehran Center for International Relations Studies was established and works as a counterbalance to Western-oriented and Pentagon-affiliated think-tanks. One the most important parts of their work is analyzing Western publications.

The book “Choices for America in a Turbulent World” published by RAND think-tank will soon be released in Persian. In an interview with Sputnik Persian, head of the Tehran think-tank Majid Zavari commented on the details of the upcoming publication. “In the recent month, amid the presidential campaign in the United States, there has been a global discussion on who would be more preferable as the next US president – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Whoever wins each of the candidates has its own well-elaborated foreign policy strategy,” he said.

According to the Iranian expert, such strategies are developed in particular by US think-tanks.

Their activities are based on securing American national interests, so these centers can be described as the “guiding force” of Washington’s foreign policy. The US government usually makes decision, taking into account ideas elaborated by think-tanks. “It is important that those think-tanks also shape public opinion in the US,” Zavari noted.

The RAND Corporation is a think-tank working on national security, defense and foreign strategy issues for the US government. RAND is closely affiliated with the Pentagon, including analysis of intelligence data.

The book “Choices for America in a Turbulent World” was published in 2015 and was associated with the 58th US presidential election. The book explores the global challenges the next American leader is going to face in three strategic regions, including Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. “In fact, the book could be described as a foreign policy user guide for the next US president,” the expert said. The book includes ten chapters. In particular, there is a chapter of US global economic leadership, including a strategy to win competition against China. The chapter on national defense deals with such issues as military spending, overseas military bases and the importance of regional agreements.

By Sputnik