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Iran calls for peaceful resolution of Syria crisis

Jaberi Ansari & Mistura

Tehran, Oct 8, IRNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari in a meeting on Friday with the United Nations Envoy to Syria Stefan Di Mistora called for peaceful resolution of Syria crisis.

Jaberi Ansari referred to the humanitarian, security and political aspects of the crisis in Syria in his meeting with Di Mistora.

‘The humanitarian issue remains to be the major issue which needs immediate action,’ the Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Failing to wage an effective war against terrorism and stopping to think that the crisis in Syria could be addressed only through political means, are going to result in continuation of the crisis, he noted.

Jaberi Ansari added that some important players of the Syria crisis are manipulating military approaches to achieve political ends.

Speaking about collapse of the US and Russia ceasefire agreement, he said that the armed gangs supported the al-Nusrah Front against the agreement which emphasized separation of the armed groups from the al-Nusrah Front.

Participation of all players is necessary for resolution of Syria crisis, the official underlined.

Di Mistora for his part referred to Iran’s key role in resolving Syria crisis and said that the UN has a clear stance towards terrorist organizations and recognizes Daesh, al-Nusrah and other al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations as terrorist groups.


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