Glance at Palestinian movement Liwa Al-Quds supporting Syrian president Assad

Alwaght- Palestinians resistance fighters are the frontline alongside forces of President Bashar al- Assad in battling foreign-backed Takfiri terrorist groups in the country especially in the strategic region of Aleppo.

Liwa al-Quds (Al-Quds Brigade) is a Palestinian resistance movement which supports the Syrian government and operates in terrorist infested Aleppo.

The brigade was formed in 2013 by engineer Muhammad al-Sa’eed who is its current commander and is composed of predominately Sunni Muslim Palestinians from the al-Nayrab district as well as the former refugee camp Handarat.

Some analysts estimate that Liwa al-Quds, also known Syrian Arab Army Fedayeen (volunteers ready to sacrifice), has largest pro-government auxiliary force operating in Aleppo.

Over the recent weeks, Liwa al-Quds has fought alongside the Syrian Arab Army and other allied fighters in Aleppo including Hezbollah resistance movement.

Nearly two weeks ago, Liwa al-Quds and the Syrian army launched an operation to liberate Handarat. The offensive also involved Hezbollah and was backed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes. The allied forces won back control of Handarat heights in the Northern parts of Aleppo following intense fighting.

Liwa al-Quds Modus Operandi

The Palestinian pro-Assad, anti-Takfiri Resistance group Liwa al-Quds is among the fighters in Syria that have debunked the myth and propaganda against the Syrian Army is a predominantly Alawiite force. This group has been operating in Aleppo and has been to deal a major blow to Takfiri terrorist groups especially ISIS.

The presence of Liwa al-Quds in the recent victories at Handarat Refugee Camp and al-Kindi Hospital as well as the rapid, lightning-like advancement in other key Aleppo City districts, has dispelled enemy propaganda that the Bashar al-Assad government is anti-Sunni.

Indeed, apart from Liwa al-Quds, other Sunni Palestinian groups are also active in the battlefield against foreign-backed Takfiri terrorist groups. Some of the groups here include Qouwat al-Jalil, the PFLP-GC, Fatah al-Intifada, the Palestine Liberation Army (Palestinian wing of the SAA) and the Palestinian members of the NDF.

Reasons for supporting Syrian government

Syria has over the past decades played a major role in supporting Palestinian resistance movements in all aspects. Before the current crisis emerged in Syria five years ago, the country was the base of major Palestinian resistance movement battling for the liberation of their country from the clutches of Israeli regime occupation.  Syria has also been a home to hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Historical bonds between Palestinian resistance movements, refugees, and the Syrian government have made many Palestinians to support the President Bashar al-Assad in his battle against Takfiri terrorists. In 1948 over 90,000 Palestinians fled to Syria as refugees and several hundred thousand more have arrived and settled in large refugee camps, such as Yarmouk in Damascus.

Liwa al-Quds support for the Syrian government can be seen within this framework of ensuring that one of the major axis of anti-Zionist resistance in the region remains standing.

Anti-Assad Allies Abhor Liwa al-Quds

Takfiri terrorist groups opposed to President Assad hate Liwa al-Quds movement with a passion.

In July, video images emerged of five fighters from the Nour al-Din al-Zinki terrorist group beheading a Palestinian boy who was about 10 years old. Terrorists claimed the boy was a fighter from Liwa al-Quds.

Previously affiliated to the Supreme Military Command (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, Nour al-Din al-Zinki terrorist group receives both financial and arms support from the US, as well as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This terrorist group and its backers are all opposed to Liwa al-Quds due to its crucial role in liberating areas previously held by terrorist group and thus strengthening the Assad government.

Palestinian Liwa al-Quds resistance movement is expected to continue assisting the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in counter-invasion campaign in Aleppo and other parts of the country until victory is attained. This Palestinian movement will be a major player in future as the axis of resistance continues its struggle against Zionists and reactionary Arab regimes in the region.

By Al Waght